About Half the World

Half the World, Women, Knowledge, Leadership was established in September 2013 to fill the gap in leadership development opportunities for women in rural Norway, and in selected developing countries where I have been working and travelled.

Half the World’s business idea builds on the experience that many more women would like to lead and take on leadership roles in communities and society if they had the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead.

Many women lack of access to leadership development programmes and opportunities especially when they live in rural areas where there are long distances and few opportunities to participate in programmes and courses. Since leadership development programmes most often are offered in central areas and in the form of formal education and courses, many women cannot take part due to family and child care reasons. Women, who want to lead but lack access to skills development have fewer opportunities for promotions and more challenging jobs than women who are centrally based. Since there are many jobs in rural areas which are as suitable for women as for men, Half the World will contribute to stronger female competition for those jobs and to closing the gaps between women and men in leadership positions at local level.

Half the World’s concept is to serve those who want to develop their leadership skills but do not have opportunities, access or means to travel long distances to participate in leadership development programmes for women. This is why Half the World’s leadership programmes at basis and middle levels are offered through the internet based webinars and online support. The only requirement for participation in the leadership development programmes is that women have access to a computer and have their own email address.

More details on programme content are found under the description of each programme.

Half the World’s Vision and Mission

Half the World’s long term vision is to contribute towards a more equal number of women and men in leadership positions in public and private sectors around the world

A shorter term goal is to increase the number of women in leadership positions in public and private sector programmes by 25%, among those who have participated in Half the World’s leadership development programmes.

Half the World’s Mission is to help women connect and dialogue with other women, expand their knowledge base and enhance their leadership skills through web-based leadership development programmes.