Leadership programmes for Women

women-entrepreneurs-brandingWhat does Half the World offer?

Leadership development programmes at three levels. Follow the links below to read more:

Why Leadership programmes for Women, only?
Research on women’s adult learning confirm that women feel more confident and ready to learn in spaces and environments that are safe and supportive to women.  Women find it easier and more relaxed to develop new skills within a group of other women than in a mixed group where there is competition and tension between the genders. Women would also like to learn at their own pace and at their own time. Due to time constraints they need a more flexible learning approach than men.

Women need safe places to share experiences and find solutions to problems and challenges they face in the work place and community, which are specific to women.

Women need spaces of their own to work with peers and develop dialogue, lasting friendships, and working relationships with other women, independently from men.

Women in rural areas and in developing countries are often disadvantaged when it comes to work and participation in the local community.  For many reasons, women have been and still are restricted to the domene of the household. While there are many differences between women in rural Norway and developing countries, there are also similarities. Women in both places often have responsibilities for children and have few opportunities for paid income. Very often they also have travel long distances to access learning opportunities, and especially self development programmes.It is Half the World’s intension to help women in districts and remote areas access leadership development programmes to help them into successful leadership positions.